Deluxe Tool Bag 6 Pocket Carpenters Storage Pouch

Deluxe Tool Bag 6 Pocket Carpenters Storage Pouch
Deluxe Tool Bag 6 Pocket Carpenters Storage Pouch
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Product Description

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You'll be prepared to get all of your home improvement, carpentry, and construction jobs finished with this Deluxe Custom 6 Pocket Tool Bag! The compact tool bag is easy to transport anywhere while still being able to hold your heavy power tools.

The suede tool storage bag has many compartments for nails, drills, hammers, or screwdrivers. Larger power tools are able to fit in the main compartments so a variety of tools can be easily carried. Specifically, there are 2 large pockets for nails and 3 pockets for small tools. In the main compartment, there is a tape holder that carries up to a 30" tape measure and has compartment slots for smaller tools.

The bag also features one nickel finish metal hammer holder and reinforced corners for durability. The tool bag is an ideal companion for the Deluxe 12 Pocket Suede Tool Belt where it can attach easily for extra storage space.

Order this Deluxe Tool Bag to tackle all your home improvement jobs. You will have the confidence to do it yourself when all your tools are by your side and conveniently stored!


Perfectly Sized for Easy Transportation of Hefty ToolsMultiple Compartments
Ideal Companion for Deluxe 12 Pocket Tool BeltConvenient Storage for Carpenters, Handy Workers, and DIY Jobs
Color: Tan


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