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Officially Licensed ASR Federal Product
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This high-quality RFID Shielding Badge Holder Leather Wallet was designed specifically for law enforcement shields in off-duty, undercover, or plainclothes situations. The RFID shield prevents electronic pick-pocketing or identity theft and the wallet holds numerous credit cards.

The ASR Federal RFID Shielding Leather Badge Holder Wallet was designed specifically for law enforcement officers in off-duty, undercover, or plainclothes situations.

Made from heavy gauge leather, with numerous credit card slots, as well as a large cash compartment, this hidden badge folding wallet sets the highest standard of quality and dependability in law enforcement bill folds.

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) shield technology prevents electronic pick-pocketing and identity theft, keeping your ID and credit cards safe and secure.

Featuring an shield-shaped badge holder, this RFID Shield Wallet fits shield badges up to 2 3/4" in diameter. Its suede shield protector flap will keep your badge scratch-free and spotless.

When you're taking the worst of the worst off the streets, make sure you have the best of the best in your back pocket with the ASR Federal RFID Hidden Badge Wallet.


High-Quality Genuine Leather Construction For Long-Lasting DependabilityRFID Shield Identity Protection Technology
Badge Shape: ShieldMax Badge Size: 2.75"
Color: BlackContains Compartments for Cash and Credit Cards


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