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Officially Licensed ASR Tactical Product
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Own the tool that lets you access your lock picking skills wherever and whenever you need them.

This lock pick set is made of tempered stainless steel picks and an alloy handle. The convenient multi-tool size comes with a keychain link to keep with you on the go. The lock pick set features a fantastic selection of quality and versatile picks, ensuring you are prepared for anything.

This lock pick set has 7 sizes of lock picks, perfect for any job! You'll want to have this handy tool with you at all times, because you never know when you'll find yourself in a tight spot, in need of way out.


Stainless Steel PicksAlloy Handle
Comes with a keychain linkMultiple pick sizes
Convenient multi-tool sizeLength: 3.5"
Color: Silver


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(1) Jack Knife Lock Pick Set
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