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Hunt. Survive. Ignite. The ASR Outdoor Survival Knife with Fire Starter is the best hunting knife available.

The ASR Outdoor Survival Knife is an essential part of any outdoor outdoor gear bag. Picture this: you are walking on an eleven mile hike deep into the backcountry. You reach your destination and begin setting up camp. While unpacking, you realize that your lighter has leaked butane into the bottom of your pack and the backup matches you brought were ruined in a rainstorm that swept through camp.

Enter the ASR Outdoor Survival Knife.

Manufactured from stainless steel with a tanto point, this survival tool measures 11 inches long and holds strong against the elements. Its bomb-proof design will not bend or warp under stress. The magnesium fire starter provides a safe, reliable method for bringing fire into the wild.

Next time you are heading out on an outdoor adventure, be prepared for the worst with this knife in hand.


Length: 11" | Blade Material: 440 SteelParacord Wrapped Handle | Nylon Sheath w/ Belt Loop
Equipped with thick green cord-wrap handleColor Available: Desert Camo


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