Gold Prospecting Gear

By: / Mar 25th 2015.

Gravity Trap Gold Pan
These lightweight plastic pans feature riffled traps to catch gold as lighter material flows out of the pan. The wide textured bottom separates the remaining black sands. Deep or dark colored pans are preferable because they highlight fine gold at the bottom of the pan. These will hold up for years of prospecting. People tend to use 10” gravity trap gold pans or 14” gravity trap gold pans because of their convenient yet practical size.

Sifting Classifier Screens
Sifting classifier screens come in various mesh sizes to help you classify raw materials based on size. These sifters are must-have items for gold panning and mineral recovery. The gravel and sediment screens are made of high-impact durable plastic and 304 stainless steel wire. Before purchasing a sifter, make sure it fits into the typical 5 gallon bucket for convenience. Screening or "classifying" material into groups based on size will ensure that gold nuggets and flakes will not get lost. Speed up the gold panning process with sifting classifier screens.

Precision Tweezers
Precision tweezers have a large amount of uses. When it comes to gold panning, the sharp tips allow you to pick up gold flakes and nuggets. Find a pair made out of stainless steel to avoid encountering rust or corrosion. The best precision tweezers for gold panning feature a glass lens for magnification and an ultra-bright light for up close observation.

The trowel is the perfect multipurpose digging tool for hobbies such as gold panning and gardening. Ideal trowels feature a rugged non-metallic surface for digging and a measuring scale on the scoop.

Rock Pick Hammer
Rock pick hammers are easy to use whether you ar e a beginner or intermediate rock hunter. They are durable so you can hack away at rocks. Be sure to bring this tool whether you are gold panning or fossil hunting.

Snifter Bottle
If you need to extract small parts, be sure to get your hands on a snifter bottle. Carefully selecting and picking up particles can be tedious and difficult, especially when it comes to gold prospecting. With the snifter bottle, you just squeeze the bottle and use the suction to grab tiny particles. Picking up small nuggets and gems is a breeze when you use a snifter bottle.

Don’t forget to carry vials so you have containers to store and organize your new found treasures. Clear vials make it easy to spot what is stored inside. Using labels are also very helpful in classifying different vials. Keep your gold, gems, and other small valuable items safe!

Gold Testing Kit
Gold testing kits include a melting pot, testing stone, and vials to help identify and store precious metals. Make sure you grab a testing kit to discover the value of your treasures.
Listed below are the the best gold panning kits for beginners or expert gold prospectors looking to further their gold prospecting collection.
Gold Panning Starter Kit: gravity trap gold pan, large & small vial
Gold Panning Miner Starter Kit: gravity trap gold pan, trowel, large & small vial
Gold Panning Kit: gravity trap gold pan, ceramic pot, testing stone, large & small vial
Gold Rush Tweezer and Vial Combo Set: illuminated 4x magnification LED light tweezer, 4 vials

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