Best Uses For Camo Form Tape

By: / May 04th 2018.
Best Uses For Camo Form Tape

Camo Form is a heavy duty stretch fabric that has a wide range of uses. The wrap clings to itself as it is being wrapped around an object to prevent leaving behind any sticky residue. It is reusable, stretches up to twice its length, conforms to any shape, and offers great protection. There are many other versatile features that make Camo Form the perfect adhesive for first-aid, gear, and more.


Camo Form can act as a self-adhesive bandage for various medical and first aid purposes. It is easy to cut and apply and will securely support and protect limbs and other body parts. Camo Form offers controlled compression, while allowing the skin to breathe without causing discomfort. Use it on people as well as pets.

Gear & Equipment

Camo Form can be useful for gear such as firearms, scopes, knives, flashlights, and much more! There are various Camo Form camouflage styles to conceal guns and other gear. The wrap also helps reduce wear and tear of valuable and expensive equipment such as firearms and binoculars. Not only does it help protect gear from damage, but it also provides excellent grip, insulates hot or cold surfaces, and quiets loud clanky objects. Keep your gear camouflaged and ready for action with Camo Form.

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