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Meet the world's first wireless, hands-free and license plate frame based parking sensor with a mobile app.

Meet the world's first wireless, hands-free and license plate frame based parking sensor with a mobile app. For iOS and Android. Patent Pending. Upgrades any car with cutting edge backup parking sensor technology. Parking sensors have improved safety for many drivers, yet 80% of drivers still don't have rear parking sensor technology because current options are costly and require professional wiring installation. We created the patent pending FenSens to make parking easier and safer than ever. SEE (visual display), HEAR (beeps), and FEEL (vibration) near-by objects in your blind spots from the convenience of your mobile phone(hands-free). FenSens offers today's cutting edge backup parking sensor technology that's easy-to-use, easy to install and affordable. Please review and adhere to local license plate laws. Not recommended for Arizona, New Jersey, and Virginia. Always check your blind spots and never solely rely on technology for safe driving. Full user manual and FAQ available at http://FenSens.com.

App launches instantly hands-free and allows you to easily access other connected car apps (Works best with screen lock off). App can launch with Siri and Google Voice Commands after hitting the TAP button once.

Ultrasonic parking sensors provide audio, visual, and vibration alerts on your app. Smart parking sensor mounts on front and/or back of your vehicle.

Anti-theft features keep your device safe and help track your vehicle or device if it's lost or stolen.

Weather proof for long-lasting use and completely wireless for simple installation. Universal AA battery size lasts 5 months (Do not recharge).

*Fits US license plates only


MANUEVER WITH CONFIDENCE: 100% wireless, hands-free, license plate frame based parking proximity sensor with a mobile app for Android and iOS.EASY INSTALL: Upgrade any car on your own with cutting edge automotive parking sensor technology with no wiring or having to hire a professional. An affordable alternative to backup cameras.
HANDS-FREE: Instant hands-free alerts to your mobile device, iOS and Android compatible; fast app launches automatically on Android, iOS receives click to launch notification; app can launch with Siri and by saying "Open FenSens" on GoogleYEAR-ROUND USE: Patent pending; works in extreme weather conditions and includes 1-year warranty; includes smartphone mount, user manual, batteries, and anti-theft security screw kit
LOW MAINTENANCE: Bluetooth wireless 4.1; 5-month battery life; installs in 5-minutes; the only smart parking sensor in the world (not a camera); more great connected car features being added weekly


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(1) FenSens License Plate Frame with Sensors
(1) Quick Connect Sync Button
(1) Phone Mount
(1) Anti-Theft Screw Kit
(1) Battery Set
(1) User Manual
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